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Guaranteed safety through NSF-Analyses

MULTIPURE is the originator and the worlds biggest manufacturer of Carbon Block Technology. MULTIPURE produces drinking water filters for over 40 years.
The NSF® has been testing the MULTIPURE Water Filters for more than 30 years. NSF® is the largest Water-Analysis-Laboratory in the world and has been named the only institute as cooperation partner for drinking water treatment by the WHO (World Health Organization).
The NSF® (National Sanitation Foundation) has been tasked by the US Government to develop norms for drinking water filters and drinking water analyses.
These NSF/ANSI (ANSI - „American National Standard Institute“) norms exist since 1992. 

Since the NSF® developed and posed these norms, and bases its own certifications on them, the spelling is "NSF/ANSI norm“.

The MULTIPURE Drinking Water Filters are the most thoroughly tested drinking water filters in the USA, the, with over 5000 water filters, largest water filter market in the world. To enable the consumer to compare the differences in quality, the US, as the only country in the world, has had the state NSF/ANSI norms for drinking water filters. Based on this, the MULTIPURE water filters got the best ratings in comparison to others.

Therefore, with a MULTIPURE Drinking Water Filter, you have a filter that is tested and certified and is one that you can genuinely trust.

Only if the analysis procedures for the various water filters are identical, therefore standardized, can you compare the analysis results / reduction values!
Other analysis results can not be trusted, since the sponsor determined, for example, the concentration of the pollutants or the testing amount and so on, himself.

The results are not comparable. There are no norms for drinking water filters in Germany. 

Certified laboratory test (excerpt)

87 laboratory tests by the NSF International in regards to the reduction of pollutants among others

Lead Chlorine
Mercury PCB
Asbestos Chlorinated Hydrocarbons (CHC)




144 further lab test by international and independent laboratories regarding the reduction of pollutants among others

Cadmium Aluminium
Kopper Coli bacteria