MULTIPURE Carbon-Block-Technology

  •  The filter is a solid block of Carbon (activated Carbon) - easily replaced.
  • No electricity -no chemicals
  • MULTIPURE, as the largest manufacturer of Carbon-Block-Technology remains unmatched
  • Millions sold worldwide

Three layer Carbon-Block
  1. Electrokinetic Adsorption Mechanical Prefiltering > 5 µm
  2. Mechanical filtration 0,5 µm of solid pollutants/particles such as asbestos, micro-organisms, rust etc. The size of the filter pores is optimized: With 0,5 µm micro-organisms can be filtered. The flow amount is 3,5 liters/min.
  3. Physical Adsorption of loose pollutants/heavy metals, chlorides, pesticides, chemicals etc.


Comparison: Activated carbon 


Solid Block – MULTIPURE™

• Narrow capillaries and micro pores
• Bacteria gets stuck
• No reproduction
• No bacterial breach

• No chemical treatment 


Loose granulate – Can filter


• Large surface are of the granulate

• Ideal environment for bacteria
• Unhindered reproduction
• Bacterial breach possible

• Chemically treated granulate


The three layer MULTIPURE™ Carbon Block

The MULTIPURE™ Trinkwasser-Filter clean your drinking water completely without chemicals, electricity, environmental pollution or with a waste of water or energy. The water filters through the three layer Carbon Block, just like it does in nature with the rock layers, and is, therefore, being cleansed of pollutants such as:

  • Solid pollutants like asbestos fibres, acteria, fungi, legionella, dirt particles, rust etc.

  • Loose pollutants like heavy metals, chlorides, hormones, pharmaceuticals, solvents, industrial toxins etc.

  • Valuable, solved minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium etc. which also dictate the taste of the water, remain in the water to over 90 percent.

The water does not turn sour. 




Changing the filter is necessary and required, no matter the outer color of the filter. Because: Solved pollutants, such as lead, copper and other toxins are colorless. They are filtered on the inside of the carbon block.