MULTIPURE MP750 SB Untertischmodell ab 3 Personen
MULTIPURE MP750 SB Untertischmodell ab 3 Personen
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MULTIPURE MP750 SB Below Sink System for 3 persons or more

  • For kitchens, offices, boats, fitness-studios, institutes etc.
  • Pure drinking water, flowing and fresh
  • NSF certified
  • For 4500 liters or a maximum of 1 year
  • Equal to an average of 12 liters daily
  • Recommended for 3 persons or more
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Contents include: Ready to install filtering system, one filter component and all required parts to connect it directly to the water main
  • Filter component: CB-6, Original Multipure - easily replaced
  • For the MP750 SB we offer the Deluxe Faucet LONDON. You do not need to drill any extra bores in your kitchen countertop. This faucet provides regular tap water (warm and cold), as well as filtered water, directly through two separate lines.

Installation instructions: Installation MULTIPURE MP750 SB

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